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Welcome to the FC Bradwell club website.

We at FC Bradwell know it's essential to have an online presence to inform and engage with our members and to give the club a community and family feel. To aid this (along with this website) we have a group page on Facebook, Twitter account and Email Newsletter too, please click on the images below to visit.

Please feel free to use these social media sites to share photos and updates on what the teams have been up to and to ask questions etc. All we ask is that you please keep it friendly and appropriate.


For the security of the children at the club,  we monitor all uploaded content and remove anything we feel isn't suitable or appropriate for these forums. If you unsure of what is and isn't acceptable see this FA policy Responsible use of social networking sites. Further policies can be found on our Policies Page.


Please Note:

Both the Facebook Group page and Email Signup will require you to state which FCB team and/or child you are associated with. If you have no association, you maybe removed from both forums. Thank you.

FC Bradwell Online

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